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Live2Lead 2020 Virtual Event

December 11, 2020

EXPERIENCE WORLD - CLASS - THOUGHT - LEADERSHIP and personal growth teaching virtually, in the comfort of your own home or office. Meet people from around the world while attending the virtual event.

Join us virtually this year around the world for the 7th annual Live2Lead event, where John C. Maxwell, and other world-class leaders will teach practical lessons designed to help individuals in all spheres of influence grow to their maximum potential.

Don't get left out!
Leadership has two components: Leading Yourself and Leading Others.


Jon Close has coached, trained and mentored small business and not-for-profit leaders across Canada for over 30 years. He is a certified member of the  John Maxwell Team, has been certified to deliver proven leadership programs offered through the Ken Blanchard Institute, and is certified as a Human Behaviour Specialist.

Jon Close is a proven speaker on Non-Profit Leadership and Transformational Leadership.

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Colette has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, coach, project manager and trainer. She is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, has been certified to deliver proven leadership programs offered through the Ken Blanchard Institute, and is certified as a Human Behaviour Specialist.

As an early adopter of change in many areas of life, Colette is passionate about equipping herself and others to effectively create and lead change.

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Act Purposely in Times of Crisis

Good leaders recognize we cannot effectively lead others until we are able to effectively lead ourselves. This requires acting with purpose, focusing on positive connections, and prioritizing personal growth.

In this video, we share 7 coaching choices good leaders make consistently and purposely to help lead their team in times of crisis.



"The messages in “Act Purposely in Times of Crisis” were exactly what I needed to hear. I have been struggling to create a positive frame of reference for how the Covid-19 experience fits into the future. It has often affected my ability to be a good leader in the moment. Jon provided a perfect mix of the straight talk and the inspiration I needed. Thank you."

Carol Taiji, Taiji Brand Group

"These modules are great, and Jon is a very informative presenter"

Carol MacMillan
Board Director

"Thanks Colette for the session. Our team love it. The John Maxwell Team is very lucky to have you on the team."

Adrienne McKeller

"I would personally like to thank you for all the coaching and development you have provided me these past months on both personal and professional level. All the life skills, coaching and mentoring provided by the UpCloseTeam has been nothing short of excellent. I will never forget how life changing it has been for me."

Tracey Francis Paquet
Government of Alberta

"I found the personality test to be so worthwhile. I love the content of the results package and how it helps us learn how to use our strengths improve on our blind spots and how it all relates to other personalities in our day to day work/life. As a facilitator you did an amazing job of highlighting why each personality type is so special and valued to any workplace. I look forward to working through mine more and using our team chart for future recruitment for the association. "

Leanne Hawco
Executive Director

"Many Communicate, Few Connect is an excellent session! You provided a ton of value in a one-hour session that went by in the blink of an eye. Thank you for an engaging presentation style as well the material was top notch."

Caroll Taiji
Taiji Communication Corporation

"I have completed other personality reports before, but this particular assessment offered tools to help me better understand myself and interact with others in a personal and, professional, capacity. I have shared this assessment with my colleagues at work and they are looking into completing their assessments too!"

Elizabethe Law

"This one hour "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" Lunch & Learn was full of good information. It makes you ask yourself some very important questions to keep evolving as a leader. A very good introductory to effective leadership."

Richard Gray

"Excellent presentation and flow."

Wayne Schultz
Board Member

"Jon has a good understanding of the subject and is able to present the subject in a effective way for me to understand."

Amber Chapman
Board Member

"Congrats team on completing your first mastermind group, I know from speaking with you all that you enjoyed this opportunity and looked forward to your sessions with Colette each week."

Danielle LoBianco

"Thank you for a great session Jon!"

Serean Donver
Board Member

"Really exciting lunch & learn session on the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. The qualities of leadership has been thoroughly exposed to me in this session. The Leadership laws are timeless."

ELfosa Edokpolo

"Thanks Colette. I found these sessions were informative and relevant, and makes me more aware of the true influence of a leader, and the strategies of how to become the leader I would like to."

Laura Conibear
Sales & Events Specialist

"A lot of the info today made sense and can be used in other areas of my life."

Lynn MacWilliam

"Jon is an exceptional instructor!"

Dawn Mitchell
Board Member

"Colette I totally enjoyed the mastermind sessions."

Glennis Gillingham

"Thoroughly enjoyed participating in giving input and the discussion in this session."

Jack Boucher

"The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership lunch and learn session was very informative and great. "

Regina Oppon

"Fantastic. Needed this workshop."

Patricia Piironen

"The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership lunch and learn was very interesting and educational."

Kenneth Oppon

"This module was given in a level that was understood by all with different levels of education. There was humor and examples that were excellent. Very good understanding of what I should be doing."

Sheila Tubman

"Amazing training & feedback from facilitator & participants."

Edna Gervais

"Thanks to Jon for inspiring and increasing my excitement and passion for C.F. involvement and decision making."

Ray Reckseidler

"Very well presented with the right amount of time committed to each subject area. Kept it exciting and stimulating."

Euan Berger

"The course was very informative."

Marge Cele

"The personality test I completed with the UpCloseTeam was very enlightening. It is so important to know your strengths as well as your weakness’ so you can continue to grow and improve as an individual. I could not believe the accuracy of this test. Everything the test described about me was completely valid. This test also revealed things to me that I may not have ever known. Things that could have been a blind spot and harboured my ability work well with others. This insightful tool also helps you better understand the people in your work environment and promotes a sense of harmony by providing you with strategies on how to work with different personality types."

Lena Anikina
Adminstration Assistant


Together the UpCloseTeam principals, Colette and Jon Close, have 50 years of experience in the exciting world of business and non- profit leadership. We know firsthand how much the effectiveness of leadership impacts performance.

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