Did you know ... 56% of executives say their organizations are not ready to meet today's leadership challenges?


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Together the UpCloseTeam principals, Colette and Jon Close, have 50 years of experience in the exciting world of non-profit leadership. We know firsthand how much the effectiveness of leadership impacts performance.

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Welcome to Board Store

Do your board members lack engagement? Are they confused about their legal duties or the mechanics of financial statements? Prepare them with our easy-to access on-line training programs.

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Welcome to CF Place

Do your board members know how to interpret financial statements? Is your board knowledgeable of its role in governing your loan porfolio? Need lending training?  Access our on-line training programs.

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John Maxwell TEAM

As John Maxwell certified coaches, teachers and speakers, we can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching. Let us supoort your professional growth through study and practical application of John's proven leadership methods.

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Have you ever ...

  • been frustrated with other people on your team?
  • wondered what your team members were thinking?
  • thought they may have behaved randomly and unpredictably?

Leaders ... If you have been frustrated or have been left wondering about your team, clients, or bosses are thinking ... you are not alone!

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Situational Leadership ® II

     Making the Connection

We're certified to deliver the Situational Leadership II - Making the Connection program developed by the Blanchard Insitute.

The skills learned from this training help leaders make the connection between themselves and their Leader/Manager role and the people they lead.

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"WOW! Great presentation … and provided insight into what makes a good leader."

Leone Whitfield

"Excellent material. Easy to understand and applicable to all participants."

Larry H.

"Awesome instruction from an experienced trainer."

Chris G.

"I have attended sessions facilitated by the both of you and find them very interesting and informative. "

Arlene Powers

"Very Informative, insightful and valuable training."

Cherlye R.

"Many Communicate, Few Connect” is an excellent session! Your provided a ton of value in a one-hour session that went by in the blink of an eye. I made copious notes, identified several weaknesses that have really been in my way over the years, and took away some great insights that I can build on. I am very interested in going further with this topic. Both your easy, engaging presentation style as well as the material are top notch. Thank you! "

Caroll Taiji

"Great! Looking forward to more sessions on other topics. "

James W.

"Very good. I learned a lot! Thanks and I would attend other workshops. The facilitator was very engaging and interesting to listen to. "

Tanya Marten

"Jon is a confident, articulate business communicator. He is effectual in persuading others through enthusiasm."


"Colette is energetic, creative and brings a wealth of information to webinar sessions. Most of all we have fun!"